Have you ordered mirrors from a local or out-of town location and paid extra for shipping, only to have them arrive in scratched, cracked, or in pieces? Have you paid too much for local mirrors, or driven too far to another manufacturer only to pay too much? Are you Looking To Purchase Your Mirrors Online? Is this a viable alternative to these problems? Below is a list of the benefits of online purchase, as well as some tips for finding mirrors online.

To buy mirrors online at the lowest possible price, you will need to have mirrors cut to size from the same source. That means you will need to measure your frames or hanging spaces carefully. Many online mirror distributors have guides for doing just that.

Mirrors are also often tough to install. Hanging them in areas like bathrooms creates the risk of shattered glass and cracked plumbing and porcelain, hanging them elsewhere risks damaged carpets, wood panels, stone, or other flooring. Why is this? Because mirrors are heavy and require special accessories to hang correctly. Distributors who sell decorative mirrors should have installation guides, as well as hanging and mounting accessories.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mounting kits should include cement mirror sealant, a chemical level, and industrial strength mounting tape. They should be available for a hceap price or come courtesy as part of your mirror order.

If you have worries about installing, mounting, or framing your own mirrors, no problem! Most companies have relationships with local and regional glaziers you can turn to. Alternatively, they will have customer service representatives (CSRs) who can carefully walk you through the process.

Mirrors generally come in one of three thicknesses: 3 mm (roughly .12 inches), 4 mm (roughly .16 inches), and 6 mm (roughly .24 inches). Thought these may seem quite thin, they can be very heavy, depending on the size of the mirror you’ve ordered. Take this into account when doing your own installation or mounting.

Mirrors are typically be pre-cut to widths of no longer than 2,440 mm (96.06 inches) and heights of no longer than 3,660 mm (144.09 inches). Companies are happy to pre-cut them in smaller sizes as needed, often for a small or no additional charge.

They can also be cut to any shape you need, making slightly uneven frames or awkward replacement shapes no problem. Typically, however, the standard shapes (rectangle, square, circle, oval, and triangle) are the most mass-produced, and cost a bit less.

When looking for online mirror distributors, be sure to check on their shipping methods. Safe, expert shipment may cost a little more, but will be worth it when your mirror arrives clean, intact, and ready to go up.